Glenelg – a tram ride from Adelaide


Landed in Adelaide from Hong Kong at 06.30 this Friday morning grateful for many things: certainly the clear bright sunshine and unseasonal cooler temperature (27C maximum today) but more especially for the high quality noise-cancelling earphones that made all the difference to both dreary night flights.


Glenelg (yes, really – a seven letter proper noun palindrome) is the place where South Australia was founded in 1836 and lies by the ocean ten minutes from the airport;  a pretty, sleepy small town sort of place linked by a twenty minute tramride to big city Adelaide (pop. 1.3m).


We shall go there tomorrow… has been slow strolls on a quiet, silver sand beach punctuated by seafood and sleeps (! one of us has just fallen asleep at the table – and it wasn’t me!)




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