To stay or not to stay…..

is the question occupying some people’s minds in the run-up to the referendum on remaining within the European Union…

It’s very hard to make the issues intelligible amidst the rhetoric and tub-thumping. The economic issues are particularly troubling. Who should the conscientious citizen believe? People with money are generally very keen to hold on to it. People without much, would understandably like some more. The case for staying, (like the case for leaving) can be made by either group.  But who can we trust to help us weigh the evidence? Politicians often undermine their own credibility by posturing and over-emphasis one minute, and hasty retractions the next. Vacillation does not inspire confidence, but nor does dogmatism…


Poor Mr Cameron. Whatever was he thinking about? After 40 odd years of being (more or less) in, he decides the people should decide on whether to stay….One minute he’s robustly telling the world that the UK can manage perfectly well without the EU so ‘they’ better make some cosy concessions to ensure the UK stays; the next minute he (and Mr Obama) tells us that the UK really should stick around, or suffer dreadful consequences.


If like me you can’t easily find an impartial source of genuine wisdom and trustworthy evidence, try clicking on this link:


Perhaps it’s time the human species thought more about the rest of the living world….Without doubt, in the last forty years the living things shown in these photos (all seen in increasing numbers from our very own garden in the busy south of England)  have been given a great deal of encouragement by the European Union…


So – take advice from a different angle:


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