June 2017 in Italy : Maremmachevini


Can’t keep an Italophile down! Readers may recall our earlier medical adventures in Friuli during April. Well, here we are in early June after lunch on the molo in the beautiful southern Tuscan resort of Castiglione della Pescaia, having a couple of days relaxation before the conference: Maremmachevini  (11 – 13 June 2017) begins

Our base was the Roccamare Hotel, a few kilometres’ cycle ride away, as guests of the consorzio who sponsored Maremmachevini, to promote the new wine DOC: Maremma Toscana


The hotel’s grounds are wonderfully landscaped;  buildings (and pool) integrated with the huge hundred year old pinetum which provides so much shade and privacy for the many chalets and pathways that make up the Roccamare resort. The large numbers of friendly and courteous staff, both indoors and outdoors, maintain a sense of  comfort and safety for the extended families who return year after year to enjoy the private beach, the bikes, the sun and the fresh air. Something for all ages – and no traffic – only bikes

The beach is a model of order and civilised living. Throughout the day, cheek by jowl (in every sense) guests from Italy, Germany, Holland, France, Russia and the offshore islands of the UK lie prostrate, shaded by the regiment of umbrellas, cooled by the fresh sea breeze; darting into the sea when the temperature becomes uncomfortable.


At night the full moon was magical; the waves mesmeric.


It is hard not to eat well on the Southern Tuscan coast – the Maremma has access to exquisite fresh fish and crustaceans…


The only shade to be had on Castiglione’s molo was provided by the light house; the coolish concrete went someway to lowering body temperature during a post-parandial zizz, before the return journey on the bikes in the afternoon heat.

See winefriend.org for the account of the splendid day’s tastings during the series of visits to some of  the wineries and growers using the new DOC who also joined us for the Gala Dinner on the final evening.


The event gave us a wonderful glimpse of the region’s tremendous potential; thank you so much to everyone who made our stay so enjoyable, memorable and informative.


8 – 13 June 2017

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