Week 1: Andover Garden Watch 2020 – a very special spring

2020: a unique opportunity to watch colour and beauty emerge on each and every day of this year’s spring – and we hope to be here to see, enjoy and record it all.       Oh – and by the way – this is astronomical, not meteorological spring. Of course!

Saturday 21 March – brilliant warm sunshine coincides with the schools’ closure

The  Snakeshead Fritillaries certainly aren’t socially distancing


Although this Lenten Rose might just be self-isolating as the Wisteria slowly unfurls

Mothering Sunday 22 March – the bright sunny weather continues  


The all too-brief Scillas are the most beautiful blue ever to be found in the garden; the aptly named Brazen Hussey promiscuously cosies up to the modest Primrose

Monday 23 March : Home-schooling begins, softened by exquisite weather 


‘teenager’ swans (as Ernest called them)  – last year’s cygnets – sail by on the river at the bottom of the garden. The early Anemones peek through; the Hellebores shine

Tuesday 24 March – the sun shines, children and parents work and play at home 


The newly painted obelisk dazzled by the Ribes flowers and an early, showy Clematis

Wednesday 25 March : Lady Day

while the Ceanothus Dark Star ( a bright blue) starts off pink….

and the sun catches the box playground and the ornamental pear blossom

Thursday 26 March :

Ceanothus – Dark Star ? … well, we’ll see….

Friday 27 March : 

clockwise from top left: Sedum Jose Aubergine; Morello Cherry leaf buds; Lily of the Valley, and Wisteria flowers just emerging

Saturday 28 March 

And what a difference a week makes (not to mention the early evening sun !)



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