And what will June 2022 bring, I wonder? A staggeringly beautiful garden!

We arrived home from Cyprus at the start of the extended platinum jubilee bank holiday, to a garden that blew us away! As you will see…. First the foxgloves! Wow!

The very sunny May, and some conscientious watering by Hugh while we were in Italy has resulted in bright colours, strong plants and fantastic colour… Here’s the view from the opposite river bank:

And the roses! They were spectacular too!

At the allotment, the strawberries began well, but peaked early, lacking water.and the raspberries? By the end of June the ground was parched and they were woody and small.

But the garden held on for longer. These were taken at the end of June

But the forecasts for July and August are apocalyptic… and the Po is already running dry…. We’ll see!

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