And what will August 2022 bring I wonder? – drought and a significant birthday!

After a very hot and dry July with not one but two record-breaking heatwaves, the garden had gone from flourishing colours to rock-hard ground and shrivelled plants with yellowing foliage.

Souther Water inevitably imposed a hosepipe ban, though ours were put to use siphoning water from the bath onto suffering flowerbeds and roses. Look carefully at the side of the house! Roses, Dahlias, Clematis, Cannas , Agapanthus all survived – though it was too hot to sit out – shade was in short supply

Last minute purchases from the local garden centre filled up the gaps in the beds, along with carefully deployed existing pots for my 70th birthday party with family and friends. A wonderful fresh sunny day!

Lots of happy people – family, old and new friends enjoying more typical english weather!

And the cake! The allotment shed in all its glory, plus fondant vegetables! The children were spellbound

It was a wonderful way to end the summer! Next stop ….. yes, you guessed – September in Piemonte…

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