Week 4: Andover Garden Watch 2020 – a very special spring

2020 – the fourth week watching colour and beauty emerge on each and every day of this year’s surreal spring

Easter Sunday  2020


The three very little people (threes and under) each received one of these (courtesy of the postman rather than the Easter bunny, or Peter Rabbit). And so did David !   The three bigger little people had last year’s tins, re-cycled, but equally full.


The wisteria flower just made it just in time for Easter day

The sweetcorn seeds salvaged last year from a late ripening cob germinated in 48 hours and have already produced this much growth since Palm Sunday! So warm..


These will find a home at the allotment – but that’s another story for another day!

Easter Monday 13 April 


The sun shone brilliantly, and the garden filled with colour

Easter Tuesday 14 April 


The evening light catches the newly breaking leaf on the willows, and below, a lonely crow perches high up in the alder


From the macro to the micro: the ferns unfurl

and the cowslips and the hellebores have a final fling

Wednesday 15 April – and Sam’s third birthday!

Like Sam, the plants below are very young – but full of promise…

Scotch thistles, Gunnera, and Rosa Blush Noisette – their growth is exponential!

Thursday 16 April

The front garden awaits the Californian poppies, sweet-peas and allium, but in the meantime the yuccas and box babies salute the flag…


And the agave and the hostas (and even a very cheeky weed) stand to attention

In the back garden lilies of the valley and ferns battle it out, while the eccentric allium pull themselves up to their full height..

Friday 17 April 

Today it rained – and rained – for the first time in four weeks. Hurray!


The vigorous rose (below) leaves us in no doubt of its intentions: world domination


while the mulberry finally breaks leaf and the  variegated marjoram shines

Saturday 18 April

Two newcomers today – one more welcome than the other …

The first rose of summer – or rather spring – Rosa Xanthina…  and young master rat, the Roland version, not the more welcome water vole of last week, Ratty from Wind in the Willows

The Wisteria flowers begin to open. Their progress has been closely scrutinised and recorded over the last four weeks; from bare buds to these stunning 60 cm tendrils

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And next week they will look even more astonishing as they grace our dull walls!



2 thoughts on “Week 4: Andover Garden Watch 2020 – a very special spring

  1. So happy to see the mulberry leaves emerging – the ancient tree behind the cloisters in Salisbury was felled last year because it had become dangerous. I am in an agony woindering if its remains will put up any new growth. I do hope so but probably gathering fruit will not happen again in my lifetime !


  2. Hasn’t the Chapter planted a new one? You should start a campaign…Donate one? Mine is a four or five year old, planted as a ‘maiden’ ie a one year old, single stemmed, before any lateral growth. As you can see, it grows very quickly! It would already be twice as tall if I hadn’t cut it back hard to train it to the fence.


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