Week 5: Andover Garden Watch 2020 – a very special spring

2020 – the fifth week watching colour and beauty emerge on each and every day of this year’s surreal spring

Sunday 19 April – and another hot and sunny week

The dramatic first flush of spring flowers with their intense colours makes way for abundance of leaf green. The river bank and its willows, alders, elders and gunnera are now clothed in shining, bright lime greens

The speed at which Hosta Big Daddy grows beggars belief: three weeks!

In the same time frame these brief but glorious displays come and go

The wisteria and rose are now at their peak – but the cherry needs netting!

Monday 20 April 

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Pittosporum Tom Thumb is a wonderful do-er; deep burgundy colour all winter, and then the new leaf sprouts the brightest lime green, and slowly deepens through the summer, while the allium briefly dominate the gravel garden

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Tuesday 21 April 

I’m still bewitched by the ferns and lilies of the valley. They are tucked away in the little back passage on the north side of the house with only fleeting sunshine in the first and last hour of the day. Hidden treasures!

Wednesday 22 April – our 17th wedding anniversary: more glorious sunshine

The foxgloves are well ahead of the Melianthus Major (whose yellowy new growth is largely at ground level, though some shoots show on last year’s woody remnants) and the delphiniums which by mid summer will populate this patch in the blue and white bed. Pittosporum Irene Paterson provides the ghostly white foliage while the faithful agapanthus begin to show in the foreground. And yes – there’s another Pittosporum Tom Thumb.


The Convolvulus cneorum loves the sunshine; and another bright-leaved box

Thursday 23 April 

In less than three weeks this flower bud of the Wisteria has metamorphosed to a shower of pale blue and ice white; contributing to our best-ever show

Friday 24 April

A very smart view of the herb garden, water butt and gas meter and gravel


the olive tree awaits new leaf growth, the cherry blossom gives way to fruit

Saturday 25 April – the sun shines again!  

Taking Rosemary Verey’s advice, on the appearance of the mulberry’s leaves,


out come some of the cannas from their winter protection


and some topiary management clips (and saws!) the cypresses back in shape


Finally the extraordinary Wisteria flower from that exquisitely formed bud





One thought on “Week 5: Andover Garden Watch 2020 – a very special spring

  1. Another collection of beautiful seasonal plants, many thanks, Janet, the colours are lovely. My garden has gradually transformed itself into a display of well over 20 different shades of green many of which attract attention throughout the year but are very undemanding. That suits me perfectly!


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